Cosmetic Laser Treatment

Laser Therapy & Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Cosmetic laser treatment – also called laser therapy, skin resurfacing, or laser resurfacing – is a popular treatment used by dermatologists to manage a variety of skin conditions.  Some of the most common applications include scar removal, acne, wrinkles, and hair removal.

Dermatology Duluth offers several different forms of cosmetic laser therapy:

VBeam Vascular Laser Treatment

Lasers used for vascular treatments target and remove areas of pigmentation. This can include things like spider veins, broken capillaries, birthmarks, rosacea, sunspots, etc. Vascular laser treatment is most commonly performed on the chest, neck, legs, and face. 

Vascular laser treatment doesn’t call for any numbing agents. This laser feels like a quick snap with a rubber band, but the treatment is quick and offers minimal downtime. 

EDGE CO2 Resurfacing Laser

CO2 lasers are used to help even out skin tone to improve the appearance of acne or surgical scars, fine lines and even deeper etched wrinkles. The laser energy causes rapid vaporization of the top layer of the skin and heating of the deeper layers which stimulates tightening collagen growth. As the treated area heals, new, firmer, younger looking skin is revealed. 

CO2 lasers can be used in many ways. Very light treatments can be done with minimal pain and downtime for a light “freshening” of the complexion. More aggressive treatments may involve some pain. The discomfort you experience is dependent on the depth and extent of the resurfacing procedure. You may be given topical or injected anesthetics as well as oral medications to prevent pain and help you to relax. 

LaseMD™ Resurfacing, Pigment Targeting Laser

The Lase MD is a technology that allows for dramatic improvement in the overall appearance of the skin while minimizing downtime. LaseMD is a non-ablative, 1927nm fractional laser. A non-ablative laser heats the deep layers of your skin without damaging the surface to help destroy sun-induced pigment in the upper layers of the skin while also stimulating tightening and collagen the skin. Sun damage, fine lines, rough texture, and even pre-cancerous lesions can be improved with this treatment. 

LaseMD treatment can be done with numbing cream, though many patients will be comfortable without. Afterwards the skin feels red and hot for 1-2 days. There may be some fine gritty texture and light peeling 3-5 days post-treatment, but patients may resume gentle skin care and even make-up the day after treatment. 

Candela GentleMax Pro Hair-Removal Laser

This Candela system is the gold standard in hair-removal lasers. With two different wavelengths, both 755nm and 1064nm, this device can safely, effectively, and comfortably treat patients with all skin types. Laser hair-removal is a process that requires patience as with every treatment only about 15% of the treated hairs are permanently destroyed. This means that complete hair removal in each area will require about 7 clinic visits. 

During this procedure, pulses of light energy are aimed at the desired area of your skin. You may feel mild stinging or snapping on the skin. Depending on the body area treated, this laser procedure can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. Patients may have unwanted hair removed from any part of the body, common areas include lips, legs, cheeks, underarms, arms, and back. Men sometimes choose laser treatment on their face or neck for bumps due to their beards.


What to expect at your appointment

Dr. Reich and her aesthetic team offer a personalized approach for each patient. Like snowflakes, no two patients are exactly the same! After a consultation to evaluate your skin and discuss your needs, our expert staff will create a customized laser treatment plan to optimize your skin health. 

On the day of your procedure, you may come slightly early in order to complete all necessary consent forms prior to having the skin cleaned and prepared. Pre-procedure photos will be taken. For some treatments above, topical numbing creams or injected numbing agents may be used, along with eye protection. The staff at Dermatology Duluth will work to keep you as comfortable as possible before, during, and after your treatment. We have a dedicated guest lounge for the comfort and privacy of our surgical patients where you may choose to relax, and a separate exit for discrete post-procedure departures. 
Dr. Reich’s specialization in procedural dermatology offers you the highest level of care. Get one step closer to the skin of your dreams by scheduling an appointment with Dermatology Duluth today!

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